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Ha! Damn, still sharing to Newgrounds. That's awesome man. I wanted to congratulate you on the success you have found in the past few years. I have been following you for a while now and I am consistently digging your stuff such as this. Keep up the good work!

Very very nice

This was awesome. Very good example of Psy-Trance music and how it connected to a DnB song was awesome. Something Rabbit in the Moon-ish kinda. I thought the song flowed very well and thats key in this type of music. Good job!

Wickedlat responds:

Thank you very much mate; I'm glad you like it.

i love you....

ok you never cease to amaze me Blizzaine. this is so amazing. i dont even get how its so good. i just sit here like "wtf!" so once again.. good job!!!


I like this a lot. its very easy to get lost in and flows so well. I can imagine it at the beginning of like an armin van buuren mix or something. good work


i like this a lot. It is a pretty powerfull trance song which i love. BUT! my only criticism is.... i would love to hear more of the synth sound you put in at :36 seconds. like the break to the "da da da da" more bassish sound. awesome explanation right? lol anyways i think you should maybe build up to a chorus and have that keep coming in over it. This is really hard to explain... i want to like remake your chorus and add that part in then have you listen lol.... but yes!! GOOD SONG!!

could go somewhere...

This song has a lot of potential i feel. Its not perfect yet but i think after revising it it could be really good. Definitely add more of a kick drum and change the bass. It would make the song so much more powerfull. maybe just even lower the bass one octave. i dunno, I do like it though dont get me wrong. good work!

UlionX responds:

Thank you...

Lol'd at your name xD

very unique

I like how the song doesnt follow any real basic format and does its own thing. If i had to pair it with something I would say it resembles an Aphex Twin song which is so hard to match that sound. I think maybe the drum beat could be more and could come in stronger at the parts when it does come in if i had to give criticism.. otherwise good job!

timesavectorquantity responds:

Thanks :D I'll keep that in mind about the drum beats. :P

I cant applaud this enough

this is a truly amazing remix of this song. It has every element an amazing trance song needs. You took a rather, well, bad song, and made it something absolutely amazing. This song just captured me and has that emotional element to it that is rare to find in many trance songs but when you find it you know. I cant tell you how impressed I really am with this song. It was well worth the month of work because you have at least given one person something very special.... sorry to have gotten all emotional on you but this is just amazing. thank you. good job and keep it up, i mean it. I hope you can take inspiration from this.

Blizzaine responds:

Man, trance is the shit. You haven't been listening to good TRUE trance if you aren't emotionally moved by it. Try some artists like John O' Callaghan, Ferry Corsten, even ATB. Truly epic producers. There are hundreds more also.

Thanks a lot for the review! It means so much :)

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